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Kahoot Online In-Class 

Quiz Game Page

Here you will find Kahoot online quizzes for The English Gym.

All you need is a computer (i-phones or smart phones work too, as long as you can mirror the screens), an internet connection and a projector.

All your students need is an i-phone, smart phone, tablet or computer with internet access.

These quizzes are powered by Kahoot! They are a highly motivating way to end a lesson or to review vocabulary. Kahoot quizzes are more like a game show and can add those all important "winning moments" to your class!


The Kahoot quizzes evaluate students' knowledge of the vocabulary in a particular unit. They are based on the online Study Vocabulary reviews on the Students page of the website. Kahoot! not only measures accuracy but also fluency, or how fast a student can answer a question. Data can be downloaded and used as part of a students' assessment. Personally, I just use the Kahoot quizzes 3 or 4 times a semester as a way to end the lessons on an upbeat note. The students always leave the class very excited and smiling after a game of Kahoot!


You can simply click on the green Kahoot Quiz Unit buttons above and start the quiz games right away!


There are 20 questions for each quiz. Each question has a time limit. Questions 1 to 10 are set at 20 seconds, questions 11 to 20 are set at 10 seconds. Quizzes take about 15 to 20 minutes to play, including login times.


If you want to learn more about Kahoot! or make your own quizzes, you can check out their webpage here.


After you click one of the quiz units, you'll see screens like the ones below. Just follow the instructions online and you should be good to go! Happy quizzing!

Students should start by clicking on the Quiz Game button on the Students page of this website, or by going to on their phone's web browser. 

Students can also download the Kahoot! App. There's a link for that as well on the Students page.

Teacher chooses the type of QUIZ.

Students enter the PIN.

Students then enter the PATTERN.

Students enter their NAMES.

Nicknames and team names are fun, but if you are downloading the assessment data then 

I'd suggest the last 4 digits of their student number, then first initial, and family name.

7890 T. Tanaka

Teacher should wait for all players to join, then START the quiz!

Now the Quiz is ready to go!

20 questions!

20 seconds!

Questions appear on the main screen.

Notice the time limit.

There's only 7 seconds left!

Students answer by pushing the buttons on their phones.

Faster, accurate answers earn more game points than slower, accurate answers. You should inform students of this factor if they want to win the game. 

Accuracy + Speed = Victory!


The data file, which can be downloaded immediately after the quiz ends, will list game points, ranking, as well as the number of correct answers for each student in an Excel file. I'd recommend using the number of correct answers, rather than game points, for student assessment purposes.

FYI, if you sign up to Kahoot!, all of your quiz data will be stored in a My Results file on your Kahoot! site.

Here's the BEST way to conduct a Kahoot in the classroom for The English Gym, IMHO.

Kahoots not only help students review vocabulary, but they offer an opportunity to boost class morale and cooperation. So, whenever I do a Kahoot, I try to maximize learning and increase motivation by using these quiz games in a specific way.

I always choose the CLASSIC mode of the game, which is designed for single players, BUT will have students PAIR UP, share a phone, and work as a team. By running the game this way, students encourage each other and enjoy the game together. I find that this works much better than having the students play individually. There is a TEAM mode for Kahoot, but when that is enabled, there is a 5-second pause for "thinking time", which in my opinion, takes away from the excitement of the game.

Kahoots can also be assigned as a homework CHALLENGE! Just click on the Unit you want, click on PLAY, then ASSIGN. Follow the instructions on the Kahoot page. It's a great way to engage your students outside of the classroom! 

I hope that The English Gym Kahoots help keep your students interested and motivated. Please let me know if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.


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