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Thank you for your interest in The English Gym. We offer membership to teachers who are affiliated with accredited universities in Japan. To proceed with your membership application, please provide the following details:
University Name
University Email Address

If you were introduced to The English Gym by the author/publisher, kindly provide a brief description of the meeting, such as "Met at XYZ conference."

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

STEP 1: E-mail me here, or click on the contact button. Please state your full name and the university where you teach. If possible, please use your university email address.


Inspection copies are available for university teachers. Please include your postal address in your email when requesting a sample textbook.


STEP 2: SIGN UP (not log in) to the TEG 1-Teachers or TEG 2-TEACHERS. There will be a message that your membership needs to be approved.

If everything checks out, membership should be approved within 24 hours. A message will be sent to you after approval and you can then login anytime.

Thanks again for checking out The English Gym! 



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