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Praise for

The English Gym

“I’ve been using The English Gym for listening and guided speaking tasks. The students respond well to it - the listening is authentic and offers them a challenge. The conversation portion does exactly as prescribed- offers a ‘workout’ in meaningful, natural communication; it’s embedded with communication fillers, reactions and responses, loads of follow-up questions and a variety of conversation openers and closers. There’s also a great section in the textbook that focuses students' attention on Japanese - English errors; the ‘Something's Not Quite Right’ section is great! I’d recommend this text for anyone teaching conversation classes!”

David Sandbrook , Kansai University

"The English Gym gives students an excellent English work out. 

Fun and dynamic authentic texts as well as an easy to use teacher and student friendly website. The video tutorials are really helpful, too. I'd recommend watching them at least once a semester." 

Michael Lin , Kobe Shoin Women's University

"The students love the Kahoots and Quizlet Live games that are already set up for all units in The English Gym. The textbook also offers online quizzes and tests which make my life as a teacher so much easier. Just a couple clicks and all the results are there. I can go over missed questions immediately with the class and data can be downloaded into a spreadsheet in a second. The English Gym has so many time saving features. It's now my "Go-To" textbook!"

Dan Mullins , Konan Women's University

"I have found that The English Gym is a very flexible textbook. There's a great website with tons of resources, but even without the tech side, the book works wonders. My students understand more, listen more and speak more. But most importantly, they have more fun in class. One of their favorite activities is the Communication Crossword Puzzles, where students need to communicate with each other to complete the puzzle. It's always a big hit!" 

Eric Cinciripini , Kansai University

"As editor of the English Gym, I was able to see the project in it's developmental stages and was thinking 'This is looking to be a pretty good textbook.'  Now that it's finished and I'm using it in the classroom I think it's a great textbook.  It gives the students what they need to start talking and then build on their conversations as they go through the lessons.  I'm really glad I chose this book!"

Brian Berglund , Kindai University

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