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Oak Hills Press

Oak Hills Press is the publisher for The English Gym Series, by Jon Charles.

For teachers: If you are ordering textbooks through your university bookstore, please give the information below to the manager. This will help ensure that your textbooks arrive without delay.

Publisher Contact Information


Jon Charles ジョン・チャールズ

発行者/Sales Contact:


発行所/ Publisher:

オーク ヒルズ プレス

〒 639-0256

Oak Hills Press

Takayamadai 3-8-13,

Kashiba-shi, Nara

639-0256 Japan


TEL/FAX: 0745-78-2109
MOBILE: 080-5345-7922





登録番号: T1810582318049

The English Gym I with Digital Workbook

ISBN 978-4-9909741-5-2

コード/Code: C3082

3,180 yen + tax

NEW edition for 2024

2023 TEG2wDW set covers.png

The English Gym II with Digital Workbook

ISBN 978-4-9909741-3-8

コード/Code: C3082

3,180 yen + tax

2023 TEGwDW set covers.png

The English Gym with Digital Workbook

ISBN 978-4-9909741-4-5

コード/Code: C3082

3,180 yen + tax

OLD edition (may not be available from 2024)

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