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The English Gym I Digital Workbook

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How to do the Digital Workbook Assignments

There are five assignments for each unit of the textbook.

1. Vocabulary

Choose the word that matches the definition. Students can study using Quizlet Study Sets.

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2. Tapescript Listening Summary

Listen to the tapescript summary and type the missing words.

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3. Listening Q&A

Listen to the description and choose the correct answer.

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4. Speaking

Answer the questions below.

Step 1: Record your answers. 

Think about what you will say in English. You can speak for up to five minutes. Try to say two or three sentences for each question. You may press the PAUSE button between each question if you need time to think of your response.


Step 2: Type what you recorded. 

You need to type 10 to 50 or more words in the transcript. Your score is based on correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. 1 word = 1 point. It is better to type more than 50 words.

  • Please note that some Japanese words, like names, are not counted.

  • Your teacher can listen to all of your recordings, so please do your best.

  • Do not type nonsense words or sentences. If you do, your score will be zero.

  • The words you say and the words you type can be different. Try to make the typed version a better version of your spoken version.


If asked for microphone permission to do the assignment, please press the 'Allow' button.


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Audio Recording Sample
Sample Recording TEG 1

5. Quiz

Based on the vocabulary and content of each unit.

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